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Shoot: Karu and his Triumph Herald

It's been a while since this shoot, but it was a ton of fun and we captured what I'd say is my favourite Red's content yet. We shot this not long after the shop opened, and captured some photos and a video.

I'd driven this road once whilst out exploring and took mental note because I thought it'd offer the perfect spot to shoot something. We wanted to shoot something with our friend, Karu's, Triumph and ended up dreaming up a video concept. It was a little wild to film, hanging out the side of a van with my camera all but a foot above the loose gravel road, but we got some rad shots. Take a look at the video here:

Would be rude to head all the way out there with all our equipment and not take some photos, so I also spent some time hanging out the side of the van shooting some pictures, which was arguably less sketchy than shooting said video.

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